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Red Light Therapy (Photobiomodulation)

Harness the natural power of light!

Red Light Therapy or Photobiomodulation, as it is also known,  is fast becoming the biggest thing in skincare and healthcare. It is still very much under the radar, however due to the multiple ways in which it can help us, it is surely only a matter of time before it is hailed as a ‘miracle treatment’.

For many years, devices to deliver Red Light Therapy cost thousands of pounds as no one had discovered how to deliver the power of these devices, at affordable costs, for home use….until very recently.

Here are some key benefits found after thousands of research papers and trials.

    Helps fight the signs of ageing by promoting the production of collagen proteins through the effects red light wavelengths have on the mitochondria in our cells. Used in many expensive beauty salons, at often hundreds of pounds for each session. 
    Reduces inflammation for all kinds of injuries and ailments including back pain, muscle pain and strains, ligament injury. Fibromyalgia suffers have also reported benefits.
    Reduces scar tissue, blemishes and wrinkles.
    Accelerates healing of muscles, tendons and ligaments. Can help with anxiety and depression, is being used to help with the side effects of chemotherapy. Aids in post workout energy levels. Is being used to help Altzeimers and Parkinsons sufferers.
  • RECOVERY: Aids in recovery after injuries, burns, post operative conditions.


I personally became aware of these new devices in March of 2019 and started to do my own research. I could write pages upon pages about my discoveries but I want to encourage you all to double check this out for yourselves so all I have done is given you links to follow.

One of the leading authorities on this subject  is a man called Ari Whitten. He has written a book all about it called ‘The Ultimate Guide To Red Light Therapy’ and if you look on YouTube you can find him giving talks about Red Light Therapy too. Do look into these resources to educate yourself about this subject if you are serious about improving your health.

If you go to YouTube and just search for ‘Red Light Therapy’ you will find huge amounts of information from many other experts. If you ‘Google’ Red Light Therapy’ combined with any condition you are interested in….for example Parkinsons Disease, Anti-Aging, Arthritis, Acne…..etc., again, you will find numerous studies that show the effectiveness of these devices.

After going into this deeply, and taking the advice of Ari Whitten on which to buy and why, I have purchased my own device from Red Therapy Co and am using it daily…all I can say is WoW!

Ari Whitten has tested units from the three most recognised  manufacturers which are Joovv, Platinum and Red Therapy Co. I suggest you look at Joovv’s website as it has the most research, articles and information, however, Red Therapy Co are now producing  more powerful units at much less cost, again as tested and written about by Mr Whitten.

In my opinion too,  this company offer the most powerful units at the best price and after having talked to the company, via many emails, the owners wanted to work with me as they know of my own therapy background and fitness classes I teach, and have offered a $25 discount to any one buying directly from their website, which is   by entering my personal coupon code.  When checking out, just put in ‘Lynne729’ and a $25 reduction will be applied.

I am NOT a distributor, you buy directly from them, so I do not have full commissions, but by entering my code, I do get a small fee, this I am putting here for full disclosure, but I could have had the same agreement with other companies but choose Red Therapy Co.

A word of warning…..there are many companies who offer copies of these recommended products, they have not the power, number of LED’s nor the testing that the other three companies do. It is well worth paying the extra.